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Welcome to Pets Around The Corner  

We are so happy you stopped by to see us.  When you come to this page our hope is that you will feel as good as you do when you get home and your puppy is wagging his/her tail jumping with excitement to see you.  Or your kitty is purring so loud it makes your heart happy. 

Here at pets around the corner we know that its the best part of the day for our pets and us when we are greeted with all that joy!  For us it''s nice to be greeted after a long hard day at work.  For them its the excitement that you the love of their life is finally home and they get get so excited. 

For me coming home to the tail wagging of my dog Sophie is the best.  This website is going to be dedicated to finding the best services. 

The best pet products and to just having fun though videos pictures and hopefully stories from people like you!   As pet owners we can all relate, I am sure to the many things we encounter with our pets that make things more interesting,  and I for one love to hear the stories. 

The mascot of this site is my dog Sophie.  She is part Australian Shepherd part Dachshund HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  We always Say she was a love child, haha! She was the cutest puppy.  And an great dog!

Dogs are great they never forget us and always miss us when were not home.  A great example is when soldiers who have to leave home and leave their dogs behind but how they react when they come home is priceless. 

I want to thank our military for all their service and for being willing to serve and protect. 


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